Hi, Libertyville, Illinois Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Segal here, welcome to my website…

Chances are you either have neck pain, back pain, headaches or a sports injury and are looking for my telephone number which is up top, or you looking to see if I’m “The Go-To-Guy” to help you with you neck pain, back pain, headaches or sports injuries.

Here’s how I help people who suffer with neck pain, back pain, headaches or a sports injury…

Your first visit starts off with you telling your story…any information that you want me to know about you, how and when your condition started etc,  I ask any pertinent questions next…

I watch you walk,  evaluate your gait, that tells your  life-long story of how your feet, knees, hips, low back, even neck function, it also gives insight as to why you are here…then

I perform a symptom pin-pointing examination, that reveals your current levels of motion, how far you can move.

Do your muscles have normal tone?, Or are they short and tight?

Do your muscles allow for normal ranges of motion?

Do your muscles have normal strength?

Up to 40 painless Orthopedic test maybe performed, to determine your exact diagnosis and treatment.

Your area of complaint is felt for motion and tension, and gently evaluated.

About 15% of the time based on your age and history I’ll need some diagnostic imaging…X-rays, it let’s me see what’s the inside, your bone structure, how it look compared to how it’s  suppose to look.

Then I can answered the 4 questions every person I’ve ever seen asked me…they are.

What’s wrong with me?

Can you fix it?

How long is it going to take to fix?

How much will it cost?

After I answer those and any other questions you have… we start on your care.

Sometimes I co-care with another provider when your condition and care indicates.

I’ll use physical therapy, massage therapy,  personal training, podiatrists, orthopedic surgeon’s anyone that I feel is a piece to your health care puzzle.

For the past 21 years I only know one way to practice… Would I do this treatment, x-ray, acupuncture treatment, exercise program, referral to another specialist…for my family member, if yes, them all’s right with my world.

I still periodically get a call from the first patient I ever saw when I opened up my own practice in 1994 to come in for an adjustment.

If you want this type of family of care…then I’m your guy!

Call 847-778-3627 and make your appointment or email me here.

I look forward to working with you.

Dr Steve Segal